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After a Month of Rigorous Electoral Campaign, Now Govt Formation is in Hands of Voters


After the election campaign in Delhi which lasted for about a month, voters are voting today to elect a government in Delhi. Many issues has been arose during the election campaign and the political parties stance on these also came to light. From free electricity to water and women bus travel to health, education. The election campaign started from the point of giving ownership of the house in unauthorized colonies and ended on Shaheen Bagh. But now the responsibility of electing a government in Delhi has come in the hands of voters.

The Aam Aadmi Party government vigorously took up the work done in the field of education and health along with free electricity-water, free bus travel scheme for women. For many time, the workers were reaching the public on these subjects. In its cut BJP try to capitalize on the central government’s decision to give ownership in unauthorized colonies.

In Previous elections this time too electricity and water is the issue. Kejriwal government has promised to release two hundred units of electricity and 20 thousand liters of water facilities per month. BJP is also talking about continuing this. The Congress has gone a step ahead and promised to give 600 units of electricity free per month and cash back to those who spend less than twenty thousand liters of water. Along with this, the issue of contaminated drinking water supply also rose a lot in elections. AAP leader claimed to provide better services in small clinics and hospitals. On the other hand, BJP made a point of not implementing Ayushman Bharat Scheme in Delhi.

The electoral campaign related to the common man gradually turned towards nationalism by BJP and then the election campaign started on those protesting Citizenship Amendment Act in Delhi. This time the election campaign in Delhi will be remembered as the most poisonous campaign. But now the responsibility of the people of Delhi has come on what kind of government they want.