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After 11 years of Legal Procedures Kuber Boat Sailor Family got Compensation


Mumbai terrorist attack 26 November 2008 where hundreds of people lost their lives and families. The Kuber boat sailor Ramesh Bamania one of the deceased  of terrorist attack, his family succeeded in obtaining compensation from government after 11 years. After hearing the judgement in Gujarat High Court on 22nd October, the Gujarat government had ordered Rs 5 lakh to the widow of sailor Ramesh Bamania.

Gujarat government has given Rs 5 lakh as compensation to his wife. The family of the deceased Ramesh Bamania had also requested government to give land and provide government job to one of the family member.

The terrorists had used the Kuber boat of Saurashtra before the terrorist attack in Mumbai in the year 2008. The terrorists took the Kuber boat in their possession and killed 5 fishermen. The body of Sailor Ramesh Bamania was found from the Kuber boat, while the remaining bodies were not found. The wife of Ramesh Bamania, demanded compensation from the Gujarat government. After circling the government departments for several years, she filed a petition in the High Court.

Sub Divisional Magistrate of Gir-Somnath on Monday deposited Rs 5 lakh in the name of the widow of the deceased Ramesh Bamania. However, the petition filed in the High Court also demanded land and government job. In this regard, the High Court has scheduled a hearing on 13 November.