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Afghanistan: Day before US withdrawal, rockets fired near Kabul airport


Kabul: Rockets were launched in an area near the Hamid Karzai International Airport on Kabul on Monday, a day before the scheduled withdrawal of the US troops from Afghanistan.

About five rockets were launched, as per a report; however, they were intercepted by a missile defence system, a US official was quoted as having said.

The incident comes a day after a drone strike by the US destroyed an explosive-laden car.

According to witnesses, the incident on Monday morning took place in Salim Karwan neighbourhood in Kabul. However, it is not immediately clear as to who was behind the rocket launch.

Witnesses said they heard sound of three explosions and a flash in the sky.

US President Joe Biden was briefed about the rocket launch near the airport.


US airstrike destroys explosive-laden car in Kabul

The US military on Sunday destroyed a car said to be containing explosive in Kabul. The attack came hours after US President Joe Biden warned of another terror attack in Kabul.

Following the incident, the US said it had destroyed a vehicle laden with explosive in an airstrike. The Taliban has confirmed the airstrike. A spokesperson said that a car bomb headed to the airport was destroyed. He also said that another strike hit a nearby house.

However, US has said that it had struck only the vehicle and other blasts only indicated that the car had a significant amount of explosives.

Local reports claimed civilians, too, were killed in the attack.

The retaliatory airstrike by the US came after suicide bombing at Kabul airport on Thursday, which had been claimed by the Islamic State group. Over a 100 people, including US and Afghan soldiers had died in the incident.

Meanwhile, the evacuation of people from Afghanistan is in its last leg. The US has indicated it will aim to wrap up the evacuation exercises by August 31, the scheduled deadline for its withdrawal from Afghanistan.

The US said in a statement on Sunday that the Taliban have assured that people with travel documents would still be able to leave Afghanistan. The group has also claimed that it will allow normal travel once it assumes control over the airport after US withdrawal.


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