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Afghan health minister tests positive for Covid19


The health minister of Afghanistan has tested positive for Covid19, officials said on Friday. The country has recorded 215 new infection cases in the last 24 hours and health minister Ferozuddin Feroz was one of them. He is among the long list of politicians across the globe who have tested positive for Covid 19.

The country has seen over 3,700 cases of Covid19 and 100 deaths. Afghanistan has seen a surge in cases after several migrants returned home mainly from the porous border along Iran. Agencies peg the total number of returnees at over 2.7 lakh. Iran, which shares a border with Afghanistan, has been one of the hardest hit by the Covid19. Most of the Afghan expats who are returning were not monitored or tested for the virus. This has increased the threat of large scale spread of the disease among the country’s poor.

Afghanistan also has a poor health infrastructure that will not be able to cope with the surge in Covid-19 numbers. The International Organisation for Migration had earlier warned that in the absence of urgent actions upto 80% of the citizens of the country could get infected. Many of the returnees are from Pakistan too that has also seen a surge in Covid19 numbers.