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Unable to get his name in revenue record for 8 yrs, Adivasi farmer in Narmada threatens self-immolation


Vishal Mistry, Rajpipla: Tired of being sent from pillar to post to get his name recorded in the revenue records, an adivasi farmers in Narmada taluka has threatened self-immolation in front of the Mamlatdar office if his name is not recorded in the official records. 

The adivasio farmer’s name had gone missing when the government office had digitised its records eight years ago. Since then the farmer has been doing the rounds of the Mamlatdar office for the last eight years to get himself in the government revenue records. 

He has also made serious allegations against officials of the revenue department in Narmada.

How adivasi farmer’s name went missing

Karsan Bhil, an adivasi farmer from Devaliya village in Tilakwada taluka of Narmada district is the owner of a piece of land under the 7/12 8(A) record of the revenue department.

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Since the record was handwritten, it was digitised and during the process, Bhil’s name went missing during data entry.

Bhil’s grandson Vijay Bhil has written an application to the District revenue officials not once but thrice – 2012, 2019 and 2020- appealing that his grandfather’s name is added in the record for the said land.

Bhil has alleged that for the last eight years he is being made to run helter-skelter for something as simple as getting his grandfather’s name in the record. 

This, despite the fact that there is a written record of the land belonging to Bhil and it only needs to be updated online.

Bhil said he has also personally approached the officials at the Mamlatdar office. “As per the notification of the Gujarat government dated 10/3/2016 any error in computer records can be rectified by the Mamlatdar within 30 days,” said Bhil. 

He said he has tried to approach the Mamlatdar for some time but so far he has not been allowed. “If the public can’t meet government officials, why do we have them in the first place,” said Bhil.

“If my problem is not addressed within two days, I will self immolate before the Mamlatdar office in protest,” said Bhil.


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