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Add a Bucket of Water to 1 Liter Milk and Serve Children in Mid-Day Meal: Another Food Scam In Uttar Pradesh


Sonbhadra: In yet another shocker from Uttar Pradesh, children at a government primary school were found be served highly diluted milk. One liter of milk was diluted with a bucket of water and served to 85 children’s. The central government has said that Uttar Pradesh is the first in the corruption of mid-day meal. Two teachers have been suspended in this regard. The news of roti with salt in Mirzapur School was first discussed at Mid Day Meal.

The chef made a video of water being mixed by a staff at the school itself. The chef says that she did so because of teacher’s request. When asked how much water was added to a packet of milk when the chef Phulwanti of Sonbhadra Salaibanwa Primary School was asked? she said that they put a bucket of water in 1 liter milk. when asked How many children drink the milk? In response, she told that 85 children’s.

Block Education Officer Mukesh Rai said that he received information from locals that water was added to the milk and served to the children. He said a probe had been ordered into the incident and strict action will be taken so that such instances are never repeated in future.

Assistant Basic Shiksha Adhikari Gorakhnath Patel said,“I am being told milk was unavailable, so they were directed by the authority to mix water in it, in a balanced quantity. I am also being told that teachers had gone to get more milk but meanwhile pictures were clicked and distributed.”

He further said that “As soon as the matter came to my knowledge, I inspected the school and sought information from the school headmaster.”

Responding to a question from BJP MP Bharati Pravin Pawar in the Lok Sabha, Human Resource Development Minister Ramesh Pokhriyal replied, “during the 3 years, there have been 52 complaints of corruption in mid-day meals across the country. Of these, 14 have been found in Uttar Pradesh, 11 in Bihar, 6 in West Bengal, 5 in Maharashtra, 4 in Rajasthan, 2-2 in Assam and Delhi, 1-1 in Chhattisgarh and Haryana, Jharkhand, Orissa, Punjab, Tripura and Uttarakhand.”

BSP MP Malook Nagar has demanded an investigation, but BJP MP Rita Bahuguna Joshi said that UP is too big, corruption in its place is very small. Rita Bahuguna Joshi said, “Mid day mills are eligible for a place like Lucknow, where there is no problem in this matter, but in Uttar Pradesh where there is no centralized kitchen system like this, there are complaints.So the efforts are made for investigating this system.”