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Adani raises CNG price by Rs 1.49 per kg

  • Total increase of Rs 3.5 per kg in CNG price this week


Ahmedabad: Adani Total Gas Limited (ATGL) has announced yet another increase in the prices of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG). The latest hike is of Rs 1.49 per kg. With this, a kg of CNG now costs Rs 87.38.

CNG prices of the gas have gone up by almost Rs 3.5 this week itself. On Tuesday, the company had announced a hike of Rs 1.99 per kg.

The price difference between diesel and CNG is now less than Rs 5.

To put this rise in perspective, last year, after a price hike on August 26, CNG cost Rs 56.3 per kg. Thus, in less than a year, there has been 55% increase in per kg price of CNG.

ATGL on Tuesday had also revised the piped natural gas (PNG) supplied to homes from Rs 1,514.8 per MMBTU to Rs 1,542.8 per MMBTU. It had cited “international developments and their effect on gas prices” to justify the price rise.





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