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Actor Taapsee Pannu shocked over her electricity bill, blasts Adani Electricity


Actor Taapsee Pannu got a big shock recently when she saw her latest electricity bill. She took to Twitter to share how the electricity provider had charged her Rs 36,000 for the month of June, almost 10 times the usual amount.

Taapsee joked if it was some faulty appliance that was using so much power.

“3 months of lockdown and I wonder what appliance(s) I have newly used or bought in the apartment only last month to have such an insane rise in my electricity bill. @Adani_Elec_Mum what kind of POWER r u charging us for,” she wrote in a tweet and shared pictures of her electric bills for June (Rs 36,000), May (Rs 3850) and April (Rs 4390).

The actor also mentioned that the bill was for an apartment that was currently vacant, which made her wonder if anyone was sneaking onto the property behind her back. “And this one is for an apartment where no one stays n it’s only visited once in a week for cleaning purpose, @Adani_Elec_Mum I am now worried if someone is actually using the apartment without our knowledge and you have helped us uncover the reality,” she wrote.

Adani Electricity did get back to her and gave a redressal link. But when Taapsee tried to lodge a complaint, the link did not allow her access. “So a quick response issue but permission not issued ! Matlab is this some kind of besti (insult) link,” she wrote.

Taapsee’s fans and followers were amused by her peculiar problems and cracked jokes. “Film collection ke hisaab se bill dete hain (they charge you based on the collection earned by your films),” wrote one. “Looks like they innocently misplaced the decimal,” read another comment.

Even actor Ali Fazal tweeted, “Woh smiles ka kuchh locha maalum hota hai (It seems the error has something to do with those smile). Smile earn power burn,” he wrote, poking fun at the ‘electric smiles’ that are doled out to customers by the provider. Taapsee replied, “Meri smile jaa rahi hai itni power dekh ke (I am losing my smile seeing so much power).”

Taapsee was last seen in Anubhav Sinha’s Thappad and her performance was praised by critics and audiences alike. She will now be seen in Rashami Rocket and Haseen Dilruba.

Earlier actor and comedian Vir Das too had complained about the inflated power bills.

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