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Ahmedabad man, who never visited Rajkot in 2 yrs, gets e-challan from Rajkot police for not wearing a helmet!


You can escape death but not a challan it seems. A youth from Ahmedabad who has never been to Rajkot in the last two years found himself being sent an e-challan (fine) for not wearing a helmet by none other than Rajkot police.

The Rajkot Police sent him a challan of Rs500 for driving without a helmet in the district. The challan was sent to Amit Chavda in his village Arjunnagar in Rajkot. 

Since receiving the challan, Chavda is confused as to how was he fined when he has not been to Rajkot on a bike in the last two years.

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He also plans to write to the Rajkot police about the mysterious crime for which he is being fined when he has not been to the city in the last two years.

How the challan reached him

Amit Chavda originally belongs or Arjunnagar village in Madiya Miyana in Rajkot district. He has been living in Ahmedabad for the last many years. He has a bike that belongs to his father and is registered in Rajkot but he uses it in Ahmedabad.

Chavda received an e-memo/challan from the police at his village for driving a bike sans a helmet in the market yard area of Rajkot on September 17, 2020. He was asked to pay a fine of Rs500. Amit asked his family to send him the memo. 

The memo showed a picture of a man on a bike. Neither the bike nor the man in the photo is Chavda. However, the bike number mentioned in the memo is of Amit.

“I have not been to Rajkot for the last two years. I drive my bike in Ahmedabad. I am not sure how I was sent a memo. I will be writing to the Rajkot police informing them of the error,” said Chavda.

He is hopeful that his problem will be resolved online with the mail. “I don’t want to spend Rs1000 and my time travelling to Rajkot to sort out the issue. It will mean I will spend more of my time, energy and money than the Rs500 that I am fined for,” said Chavda.

Chavda said it is likely that someone has used his bike registration number on their bike in Rajkot and the matter needs to be investigated.


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