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AAP Will Form Govt in Delhi, But BJP and Congress Have Chance To Be Happy


Voting for the Delhi Assembly elections 2020 is over. A long line of people was seen throughout the day on all 70 assembly seats. After the voting process ended at 6 pm, the trend of exit polls started coming. In the initial trend good news comes that the AAP will return to power in Delhi.

Gujarat Exclusive is forming the AAP government in its initial exit poll trend. According to the survey, the AAP is losing 10-15 seats compared to 2015. At the same time, BJP is gaining 7 to 9 seats. The Congress was unable to open an account in 2015 and is also making a strong comeback in exit poll trends. Where the Congress was at 0 last year it is seen getting 2 to 5 seats in this year’s elections. The accumulated capital of Congress will not be seen in this election but in the form of a strong jump in vote share.

BJP is taking out two to three times more seats than last elections but there will not be much increase in vote share. Although the issue of tremendous polarization and nationalism related to CAA-NRC will be seen as an increase in BJP’s vote percentage. There is not much change in the seats, but PM Modi’s nationalist image and Amit Shah-Yogi-Pravesh Verma among the voters will register an increase in the vote percentage on the scale of Hindu Asmita and Racial Highness over health education employment.

The Aam Aadmi Party will get success in forming a government on the issue of health, education and employment. But will suffer the loss of nationalism and Hindu Asmita. Due to which he will lose 10-15 seats, Kejriwal will be harmed due to the issue of nationalism and Hindu Asmita in Eastern voters and the general and lower income groups of Middle India. At the same time, due to the strong PM Modi image in the middle and working class as a nationalist, Kejriwal will also have to suffer losses.

Congress does not see much benefit according to seats. But of course, the works of Former CM Sheila Dikshit, who has been in power in Delhi for the last 15 years will get benefit. During this entire election campaign the vote percentage can be a great advantage among the upper class and middle upper class voters who are bored with the campaigning of AAP and BJP. Due to which Congress can get success in getting 2 to 5 seats.