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86 Deaths a Day Due to Corona Virus, 722 Total Deaths; 34500 Cases Reported!


The number of people who died of deadly corona virus in China is increasing steadily. On Friday, 86 people died due to corona virus and 3399 new cases were reported. The maximum of these 81 deaths occurred in Wuhan. According to China’s Health Department, so far 722 people have lost their lives due to the virus and 34546 cases have been reported. Entire world is on alert about Corona virus.

Like the Corona virus, a total of 650 people died in China and Hong Kong in 2002–03 due to severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS), while 120 people died in the whole world. China is now battling the Corona virus.

Chinese doctor died
Chinese doctor Li Wenliang, who first warned the world about the corona virus, died on Thursday. According to China’s official newspaper Global Times, Dr. Li Wenliang died due to the corona virus. While trying to hide the news of the corona virus in Wuhan city of China, doctor Li Wenliang posted a video from the hospital and warned people about the corona virus.
More than 12 countries on alert.

Now more than 12 countries of the world have come under the grip of Corona virus. Countries all over the world are advising their citizens not to travel to China. Every country is trying to recall its citizens from China. Flights flying to China have been stopped by many countries. Earlier on Thursday also, 962 patients fell seriously ill and 387 people were discharged from hospital after recovering.

Eyeing millions
After the recovery, a total of 1,540 people have been discharged from the hospital. A total of 314,028 people have been reported to be in close contact, 26,762 of them have been discharged from medical surveillance on Thursday, while 186,045 others are still under medical supervision.