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8 Jain pilgrims die after bus comes in contact with live electricity wire


Eight Jain pilgrims from Beawar in Ajmer district died when the bus in which they were travelling got electrocuted in Maheshpura village in Jalore district of Rajasthan.

According to police, six people died on the spot and two persons who got burnt following the electrocution died on the way to Jodhpur where they were being taken for treatment on Saturday night. Reportedly, 25 people were injured in the horrific incident.

Jain pilgrims were returning from Nakodaji

According to Jalore police’s circle inspector, Laxman Singh, Jain pilgrims in two buses were returning from Nakodaji, a Jain shrine in Barmer district on Saturday night. The buses carrying the pilgrims were returning to Beawar when one of the buses lost its way and instead of being on the road to Beawar, it landed in Maheshpura village in Jalore district.

Bus took a wrong route

As the bus driver, after knowing that he had taken the wrong route, was taking the bus back on the right track in the village, the bus got electrocuted by the overhead high tension cable.

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The conductor of the bus who had climbed on the bus roof to negotiate with the overhead cable first got electrocuted and died instantly and the bus caught fire. Six passengers too died instantly because of the electrocution and fire.

Eyewitness recall the horror

Eyewitnesses said that the conductor, who had gone to negotiate with the overhead cables got torched and the powerful current soon killed six pilgrims and set the bus on fire because of the flames.

The pilgrims were from the Jain community of Beawar and were returning after paying a visit to Nakodaji and Mandoli Jain shrines. Surmi Devi Jain, Sonal Jain, Anar Devi and Rajendra Jain apart from the bus driver and the conductor were identified among the dead.

In Beawar, the families of the deceased pilgrims mourned the deaths. The family members of the injured have rushed to Jalore.


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