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Rs4 lakh cheating complaint against land broker Shishir Dalal


A cheating complaint of Rs4 lakh has been filed against a prominent land broker in Ahmedabad at the Sola Police Station. The cops called the land broker Shishir Dalal for questioning and later let him go.

As per the complaint registered with the Sola police station, Dalal is accused of trying to sell land on which the Supreme Court had given a stay. He already took Rs4 lakh as brokerage charges from the buyer but after the buyer came to know of the legal problems with the land, Dalal refused to give him the money.

Sola police station Police Inspector JP Jadeja said that they have got a cheating complaint against land broker Shishir Dalal and as of now they have questioned him. 

If during investigation it emerges that he has cheated someone he will be arrested, Jadeja said.

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What is the problem with the land?

As per the complaint by one Ajay Singh Tomar, on October 22, 2019 land broker Shishir Dalal took Rs4 lakh as an advance for the sale of plot no 219 at Parklay Avenue Cooperative Housing society in Bhadaj.

Dalal told Tomar that the 1000 sq m of plot had a clear title. To discuss further details of the sale, a meeting was held at Royal Christan Bungalow in Thaltej. Later it emerged that the Supreme Court had put a stay on the land and there were other claimants to it.

Tomar alleged that land broker Shishir Dalal hid the fact that there was a Supreme Court stay on the land. When Tomar asked him to return the Rs4 lakh advance given to him as the land could not be bought, Shishsir refused to return it.

Sola police are further investigating the matter.


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