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Oxygen units in Gujarat asked to reserve 50% of production for medical needs


The Gujarat government has decided to regulate the supply of oxygen from production units in the state. The decision comes in the wake of the alleged shortage of medical oxygen for COVID-19 patients.

In wake of the rise in COVID-19 cases, the consumption of oxygen has been on the rise. The state in a release said that with Unlock being in force many industries and units are also fully functional.


As a result, the demand for oxygen for industrial use is also on the rise. This may lead to a shortage of it gas for medical use. The government in a release said that the shortage will severely impact COVID-19 treatment outcomes.

The government has thus directed the oxygen production units in the state to ensure that certain conditions are followed.

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What are the conditions

  • Production units need to ensure that oxygen production is uninterrupted and as per their maximum production capacity.
  • 50% of the oxygen produced can only be used for supply to hospitals.
  • Only 50% of the production can be diverted to industrial units.
  • Priority for supply should be given to hospitals and for medical use rather than industries in case a need arises. This priority will stay in place even if the unit has exhausted the quota of 50% production supply to hospitals.

Earlier the Parekh’s Hospital in the city had directed several of its patients in need of oxygen to the Sola Civil Hospital after it faced a shortage of supply.

The hospital was one of the many private hospitals with which the AMC had entered into an MOU for treatment of COVID-19 patients. The civic body had at that time said it is monitoring the situation and the supply of oxygen in various hospitals.

Similar reports had also come from other hospitals across the state forcing the health department to issue the notification.

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