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4 cases of COVID-19 reinfection reported from Ahmedabad

  • A home-maker, three resident doctors among those reinfected.
  • One of the patients has been cured, another is under treatment at a hospital.
  • Two doctors being treated at home.

Four cases of COVID-19 reinfection have been detected by the AMC in the last few days. Reinfection or repeat infection refers to a patient who again tested positive for COVID-19 after being treated and discharged earlier for the same disease.

Of the four cases of repeat infections, three are doctors while one is a 60-year-old homemaker. One of the re-infected patients has been treated successfully while another re-infected doctor is under treatment at GCRI hospital.


Two others are being treated at home and are under quarantine.

Details of COVID-19 reinfection cases

The homemaker is a resident of Behrampura in the south zone of the city. Of the three doctors who were re-infected, one is a 26-year-old resident doctor of LG Hospital. The other two are 33-year-old resident doctors of LG Hospital and GCRI Hospital.

All the four cases were first detected between April 13 and 21 this year while the COVID-19 reinfection was revealed between August 18 and September 6.

Of the four cases, one person had travelled to Kerala after being successfully treated while the three others had never stepped out of Ahmedabad. During the first time as well as during the re-infection all the four patients showed mild symptoms of the disease.

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AMC’s serosurvey

Earlier a serosurvey carried out by the AMC had revealed that 40% of those who were infected by the disease lacked the antibodies for the disease. The four re-infected patients are likely likely to be among those who lost antibodies against the disease.

The blood and nasopharyngeal swabs of the patients have been sent to the Gujarat Biotechnology Research Centre in Gandhinagar for genome sequencing and identification of virus genetics.

Nasopharyngeal swabs are samples of nasal secretions from the back of the nose and throat.

AMC officials said they are in touch with the patients and monitoring their health. They also said that the reinfections back the results of the AMC’s serosurvey that said 40% of those infected had lost their antibodies and were at risk of COVID-19 reinfection.

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