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334 Covid19 super-spreaders found in city, say officials


As many as 334 coronavirus ”super-spreaders” have been found in Ahmedabad, a news agency quoted an official as saying. It said that this was the main reason why groceries and vegetables were forced to shut shop till May 15.

‘Super-spreader is the term used for a Covid19 infected carrier who can transmit it to an unusually large number of people due to their vocation. Vegetable and fruit vendors as well as superstore and dairy parlour employees and petrol pump attendants were identified as some of the super spreaders.

Gujarat has so far recorded 7,797 coronavirus positive cases and 472 deaths. Ahmedabad leads in terms of cases as well as death. The district has seen 5,540 cases and 363 deaths. Ahmedabad recently banned grocery and vegetable vendors and shops to prevent the spread of the disease. An official was quoted as saying that they have identified around 14,000 high-risk potential super-spreaders in the city. All of them are likely to be screened in the coming days.