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3 Shramik trains from Guj to take migrants to UP, Odisha


Three trains carrying migrants from Gujarat to their home state will leave today. Secretary, Chief Minister’s Office (CMO) Ashwani Kumar in a briefing said that two trains will leave for Uttar Pradesh (UP) while one will head to Odisha. The trains for UP will leave from Ahmedabad while those for Odisha will depart from Surat.

Each train will have 1,200 passengers and only those registered with the respective local administration will be allowed to board the same. The cost of travel will have to be borne by the passengers, the official informed.

Meanwhile the local administration in Ahmedabad has made arrangements to ensure that social distancing norms are followed while passengers travel. The two trains for UP are heading for Agra. All passengers will be screened before being allowed to board the train.

Earlier DGP Shivanand Jha during a press briefing had said that migrants who are living in shelter homes will be given first preference as passengers for these special trains. He also urged citizens not to travel outside their district or state without following the guidelines.

Police found themselves under attack on the Dahod Khagel Border after cops stopped migrants from UP on their way home via Madhya Pradesh. The angry migrants pelted the cops with stones resulting in damage to three vehicles .