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3 Government Exams on Next Sunday, Candidates Worried


During the upcoming Sunday, three government exams will be conducted. Therefore, there is a concern among all the candidates who are preparing for the exam since months. Three exams like IBPS, DYSO and C-TAT will be taken simultaneously.

All the students in the state are extensively preparing for the government jobs. It costs thousands of rupees to apply for the examinations. They also pay fees to private tuitions to succeed in government jobs.

There are expenses like filling online forms, form fees for advertisements etc. which are conducted by the government and various recruitment agencies. When three exams are declared simultaneously due to lack of coordination between the government and other recruitment bodies, candidates are left clueless.

Recruitment in clerical cadre by Institute of Banking Personal Selection, Sub-Section Officer (Sub-Mamlatdar) by Gujarat Public Service Commission and also C-TAT exams will be held simultaneously on Sunday 8 December and many candidates have applied for all the exams. Therefore, the cost of their hard work should not go in vain. Therefore, it is important to take the right decision in the interest of the candidates.

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