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3 from family enter sea near Bhavnagar to perform last rites, drown to death


Three people drowned at sea near Bhavnagar after they ventured into it to perform the last rites of a deceased. The three were taking the ritual bath after performing the last rites of a family member.

All three belonged to the same family. A big wave drowned them while they were taking a bath.

Labhubhai Nayak of Bavla along with his wife and two children had gone to the Nishkanth Mahadev Temple in Kodiyak.

They had come to perform the last rites of someone in their family. Once it was done, Labhubhai, his 13-year-old son Jayesh and 17-year-old daughter Saroj were taking a dip in the ocean as part of the ritual bathing done after the rites were performed.

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Interestingly, the met department had warned of strong wind and currents in the sea and had asked citizens not to venture into the sea. Even fishermen had been warned not to go into the sea. Tourists were also advised not to be near the seashore.

Locals said the three had ventured deep into the sea and were drowned when a strong current dragged them in further.

As they began to drown, Labhubhia’s wife shouted for help and locals had rushed in but were unable to do anything because of the strong current.

Later fire brigade fished out the three bodies. The bodies were sent for post mortem.


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