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3 dead in partial building collapse in Surat


A part of a dilapidated building- Niranjana Apartment- in Rander area of Surat collapsed on Tuesday killing three labourers.

The part of the apartment had collapsed in the early morning, injuring the labourers who were sleeping under it. They were rushed to the hospital where they succumbed to their injuries.

The police have filed a case against the owner of Jivraj Tea as well as the builder in this connection.

A team of firefighters and a 108 ambulance was rushed after the collapse of the 35-year-old building. The three labourers were buried under the debris.

Earlier the SMC had evacuated the apartment after the structure was found to be very weak. The labourers who were killed had been sleeping under the structure. Surat Municipal Commissioner Banchhanidhi Pani has ordered an inquiry in the matter.

SMC had asked builder to bring down the structure

As per the report, when SMC had evacuated the apartment it had also issued a notice to the builder to bring it down. Neither the builder acted on the notice nor did the SMC get him to do it, leading to the incident.

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The building belongs to Vijay Shah, who is also the owner of Jivraj Tea. The seven-storey apartment was constructed in 1985.

Interestingly, although the building had been evacuated the shops on the ground floor were functioning. Had the collapse happened during the day, the casualty would have been higher.

Earlier building collapse

Another 35-year-old apartment had collapsed in May near Athwalines in Surat. At that time, the building had started tilting in the morning but it was soon noticed.

The fire brigade rushed to the spot and evacuated 40 people from the apartments. Eventually when the structure collapsed no casualty was reported.

People living adjacent to Vishal Darshan building were also evacuated as a safety measure. Unfortunately, many residents had to let go of their belongings as the building collapsed.


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