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3 COVID-19 cases detected at Karnavati Club

  • Despite the ban on entry for those above 65 years of age many office-bearers above the age limit continue to come to the office
  • Club president NG Patel said only three cases are detected, the rest are those who were asked to quarantine themselves 

 Nine people including the manager of Karnavati Club have allegedly tested positive for COVID-19. Although the club administration said only three people have tested positive and the others were sent on leave.

 Karnavati Club president NG Patel said that only three employees of the club have tested positive but others were sent on leave and asked to be in-home quarantine as they had come in contact with the infected people.


Karnavati club had recently announced that it would allow members in its premises after Unlock guidelines allowed for the functioning of such clubs. 

 It had, however, banned the entry of children and those above 65 years of age as a precaution. On Thursday, Raju Dave, the event manager of Karnavati Club and Deepak Trivedi as well as one Jitubhai tested positive for COVID-19. Six sweepers working at the club have also allegedly tested positive reports said although the management denied it.

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Karnavati Club violated its own rules

It was alleged that despite the ban on entry of those above 65 years, the secretary of the club RK Bhatt, who is 80 years old, had been regularly visiting the club. There is a rumour that he too has tested positive although there was no confirmation of the same.

“Nine people have not been infected. Only three people have tested positive. Six others were asked to quarantine themselves after they came in contact with the three who tested positive,” said NG Patel, president of Karnavati Club.

Patel admitted that RK Bhatt visited the club but said that he is CEO and he restricts his visits to his own office in the club. “I know he is a senior citizen but his visits are infrequent and we take all precautions,” said Patel. 

He said the Karnavati Club is still functional but all activities that can aggravate the spread of the disease have been stopped.

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