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25 COVID-19 patients waiting on streets empty stomach since afternoon for admission at Ahmedabad Civil Hospital


At a time when the Gujarat government is desperately taking measures to contain the spread of coronavirus in the state, a video created by a COVID-19 positive patient has exposed the lackadaisical approach of the Ahmedabad Civil Hospital administration in dealing with coronavirus infected patients and the harassment that the latter had to face.

As per the video created by a certain Sonu Nagar, around 25 people, whose samples were taken two days back, had tested positive for COVID-19. They were made to wait since 3 pm on Sunday, but were not admitted by the hospital till late in the night.

The video shows coronavirus positive patients waiting outside the 1,200-bed hospital. The people featured in the video are seen saying that there is one person taking care of admissions and they have been made to wait since 3 pm despite being ill. They also claimed that they have not been provided any food and people of all group—from children to senior citizens—have been made to stand for hours.

They have also questioned the government on why only one person has been kept in the hospital for taking care of COVID-19 admissions when there is so much rush. “We were informed in the morning that our test results are positive and we have not eaten since then because of panic. We are waiting since 3 pm, but nobody is there to address our problems. We have created this video to ensure that it reaches the government and we get the necessary treatment,” Nagar said.

Meanwhile, Gujarat has reported its highest surge in the number of COVID-19 cases with 367 fresh cases reported in the past 24-hours ending at 6 pm on Sunday. The addition of the fresh cases has taken the state’s coronavirus tally to 1,743. Also, 10 deaths were reported in the state on Sunday out of which seven were from Ahmedabad.

With the addition of the 239 fresh cases till 6 pm on Sunday, the total number of confirmed coronavirus cases in Ahmedabad has increased to 1,101—the highest in Gujarat.

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