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2,420 beds vacant in pvt hospitals that have an MOU with AMC for COVID-19


The Ahmedabad Hospital and Nursing Home Association (AHNS) has begun putting up an online detail of vacant beds in designated COVID-19 hospitals with which the AMC has an MOU. The move comes after the municipal commissioner asked that details of vacant beds in such hospitals be put online for the benefit of citizens.

As per the list, in all there are 2,942 beds available in private hospitals of which 522 are occupied by private patients. This means 2,420 beds are still vacant. It should be noted that as per the MOUs the hospitals have to reserve a certain number of beds for patients referred to by the AMC. Earlier instances of SVP Hosptial referring patients to such private hospitals and they in turn turning them away citing bed shortages had come to the fore.

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The civic body has in all announced 42 private hospitals as COVID 19 centres of which it had entered into an MOU with 36 while two were offering the service without any such agreement with the AMC.

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The rest four are yet to begin functioning as a COVID-19 facility. The online details also show under what categories these patients are being treated including those in ICU, those in ICU and need ventilator as well as private patients.