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24 more who attended religious gathering at Delhi’s Nizamuddin test coronavirus positive


At least twenty-four more people, who attended the religious congregation in Nizamuddin’s Markaz, the Delhi headquarters of Tablighi Jamaat, have tested positive for Novel Coronavirus, Delhi Health Minister Satyendar Jain said.

Jain said he was not certain about the number of people who attended the gathering but estimated that 1,500-1,700 had assembled there. The minister said that 1,033 people have been evacuated so far, adding 334 of them have been sent to hospital and 700 to quarantine centre.

He also slammed the organisers of the event saying they had committed a grave crime. “Event’s organisers committed a grave crime. Disaster Act and Contagious Diseases Act were enforced in Delhi,” he said, “No assembly of more than 5 people was allowed.”

“Still they did this. I’ve written to L-G to take the strictest action against them. Delhi government has ordered an FIR,” he said.

Earlier, at least six people from Telangana who were present at the congregation in Nizamuddin died due to the novel coronavirus, the state government said on Monday.

“Coronavirus has spread among some of those who attended a religious prayer meeting from March 13 to 15 at Markaz in Nizamuddin area in Delhi,” according to an official release.

“Among those who attended were some persons from Telangana.”

A total of 281 foreigners were found by the police at the Nizamuddin campus in the last two days. They include 19 people from Nepal, 20 people from Malaysia, one from Afghanistan, 33 from Myanmar, one from Algeria, one from Djibouti, 28 from Kyrgystan, 72 from Indonesia, 7 from Thailand, 34 from Sri Lanka, 19 from Bangladesh, three from England, one from Singapore, four from Fiji, one from France and one from Kuwait.

Tablighi Jamaat is a religious group focussed on urging Muslims to return to practicing their faith. The Tablighi group adhere to the ‘Hanafi’ school of thought against the ‘Shaafi’ school of thought to which the Wahabi sect of Muslims belong. As against the Wahabis who have a strait-laced belief about Islam, the Tabligis believe in the Sufi philosophy of moderate Muslims and visit shrines and Dargahs of Sufi saints as against the Wahabi belief that the dead are dead and buried who can do no good or bad to the living.

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