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2 Vodafone employees held for theft of 76 laptops worth Rs19 lakh from company


Two Vodafone employees were arrested in connection with the theft of 76 laptops from the company. One of them is the store in-charge while another is an engineer with the company.

In all 76 laptops worth Rs19 lakh had gone missing from the stock in Vodafone and the company’s deputy general manager had filed a complaint with the Sarkhej Police station.

From the beginning, it was suspected that an insider was behind the theft. Those who were arrested have been identified as Kalpesh Parmar and Meet Sarvaiya. The former is a store in charge while the latter is a hardware engineer with the company.

The two employees confessed to stealing the laptops and said they did so to fund their lifestyle. They told the cops that their colleagues had got a car and they wanted to buy one too and also live well.

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As per the complaint by deputy general manager Prashant Digwale the company has over 70 employees at its office in Sarkhej. Only employees and cleaning staff are allowed entry into the premises.

How the theft at Vodafone was found

All employees are required to work on laptops given by the company. The company between March and October 2020 had in all sent 1074 laptops.

The laptops were to be issued to new joiners. As the year came to an end, the office took stock of the number of laptops it had.

It found that 76 laptops were missing. Employees were also asked about it but no one knew about its whereabouts.

The company later filed a complaint against unknown people for theft of the laptops. Each laptop cost Rs25,000.


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