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2 Japanese Cruise Passengers Dead, 6 Indians Are There Onboard, Casualties Crossed By 2100


Corona virus infection has affected a larger population and created chaos everywhere. It is been estimated that the death toll from corona virus in China has reached beyond 2100. On Wednesday, 114 more people died. On the other hand, news of the death of two passengers of Japan’s Diamond Cruise has been revealed. However, about 443 people were released from the Japanese cruise on Wednesday.

The number of people getting infected daily in Wuhan, which is the center of Corona for the first time after January 25, has come down. However, the number of deaths in China has reached 2128 so far. Now health workers are also vulnerable to Corona. The director of a large hospital in Wuhan, the center of Corona (COVID-19), died of corona, but it is a matter of relief that the number of new confirmed cases has decreased daily. A total of 114 more people died in 31 affected provinces of China from Corona on Wednesday, while 394 more new confirmed cases were reported. Of these, 108 people died in Wuhan alone.

Relieved after negative result

According to news agency PTI, two passengers of Japan’s Diamond Presence Cruise have died. It is being told that both the passengers were released after coming to the Corona Test Negative. The dead included a male and an 80-year-old woman. This is the first woman among the Japanese cruise passengers who died. Both these passengers were released from the cruise after treatment in the hospital on 11 and 12 February. Treatment is underway by keeping Corona-infected people isolated on cruise for 14 days.

More than 3700 passengers including 6 Indians are present in the cruise

Over 3700 passengers are stranded for two weeks on Japan’s Diamond Princess cruise. About 600 people on this cruise are infected with Corona, including 6 Indians. All infected people are being treated, as well as their condition is improving. The Indian Embassy is in touch with the administration there. However, 443 passengers were released from this cruise on Wednesday after treatment. Symptoms of corona were first detected in a Chinese passenger on this cruise on 5 February.

Modi ji ! please help’

Sonali Thakkar, an Indian girl trapped in a Japanese ship, has again approached the government. Many patients from Corona virus are on the ship but Sonali said that her test is negative and the government should get them out of here. Sonali said by sharing a video, I am stuck on the Diamond Princess cruise ship. I want to request the Government of India, Modi ji to send some help for us.

Two killed by Corona in Iran

Corona, which started from China, has spread to 28 countries of the world. Outside China, people of many countries are now dying of corona. According to news agency PTI, two people have died in Iran from Corona. Along with this, this is the news of the first death from Corona in the Middle East. Before this, people have been killed outside China from Corona in Hong Kong, Philippines, Taiwan and Japan.