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2-child policy only way to alleviate poverty, illiteracy in Muslims, says Assam CM


Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma said a two-child policy is the sole way to eradicate poverty and illiteracy from the state’s Muslim population. The statement comes as the state is planning to table a two-child policy for people willing to avail benefits of government schemes and jobs.

Sarma said that organisation operating in the minority community have welcomed the state’s proposal. The chief minister told the media, “There is no resistance from the Muslim people. The two factions of the All-Assam Minority Students Union met me twice in the past one month and openly welcomed (the 2-child proposal), saying Assam’s Muslims need population-control measures.”

Notably, the chief minister has invited over 150 Muslim intellectuals for a meeting on July 4. Sarma said, “I am meeting a lot of Muslim intellectuals in July and I am sure they will support the state government’s policies as this is the only way through which poverty and illiteracy can be eradicated from the Muslim minorities of Assam.”


The Assam government is likely to table new legislation for a two-child policy in the next Assembly budget session that is scheduled to begin July 12.

The state government is planning to make the two-child policy a criterion for people willing to get government jobs. The two-child policy will be also applicable to people willing to take advantage of state-sponsored social welfare schemes.

Last week, Assam’s parliamentary affairs minister Pijush Hazarika said, “We are planning, but a lot of things need to be done. We are thinking about how it will be implemented. The population policy has already started in the state and it was implemented in panchayat elections during the tenure of the last Assam government. Now, we are planning to implement the policy in government jobs, government’s beneficiary schemes.”

Two-child policy implemented in Assam civic polls

The Assam Assembly had earlier passed the “Population and Women Empowerment Policy of Assam” in September 2017. The Assam government has already implemented the two-child norms policy in the panchayat and other local bodies’ elections under which anyone with more than two children can’t be elected or nominated.

The Assam cabinet had also decided earlier that no government jobs would be given to persons having more than two children from this year.


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