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2 buildings collapse in Kalol after mysterious sudden blast


Two buildings collapsed in Kalol after an alleged blast in the ground in the Panchvati area. As per initial available reports, a loud blast was heard and two buildings collapsed.

As of now, it is not known what caused the blast which resulted in the building collapse. It is suspected that an underground gas pipeline may have busted.

As per initial reports, so severe was the blast that it resulted in the windows of nearby complexes were also broken. The fire brigade is trying to rescue those who may have been buried under the building.

Other recent building collapse

In September, an under-construction four-storeyed building in Bavamanpura near Panigate in Vadodara collapsed at morning 3 am burying seven people in the rubble. Three people, one woman and two men died on the spot. All the three who died were labourers.

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In the same month, three labourers were killed after a part of a dilapidated building- Niranjana Apartment- in Rander area of Surat collapsed. Earlier the SMC had evacuated the apartment after the structure was found to be very weak. The labourers who were killed had been sleeping under the structure. As per media reports, when SMC had evacuated the apartment it had also issued a notice to the builder to bring it down.

In August, one person was killed and two others were injured after a two-storey shopping complex building collapsed in Kubernagar in Ahmedabad. The building collapse was reported at around 1.30 am.

Two minor sisters were killed during the same month after a wall of their house collapsed in a village in Bharuch. The collapse happened when a wall from an adjoining house crashed onto the portion of their houses, media reports said.


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