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16 years later, mastermind behind murder of NRI, 4 others in Kadi temple nabbed


The main accused in the murder of a priest, trustee and two other members of a temple in Kadi has been nabbed after a gap of 16 years. Rs15 lakh was also looted from the temple following the murder. 

The state government had also announced a reward of Rs51,000 for anyone giving out information leading to the arrest of the accused and his wife.


The murder and loot

Chiman Patel, 70, an NRI and trustee of the Mahakali Mandir in Uthva village in Kadi Taluka was among those killed in the incident in 2004. He had returned to his village with his daughter-in-law Sudha in the year 2003. On April 3, 2004, Sudha found her father-in-law murdered in the temple.

A sadhvi, Samtanand who used to live in the temple premises, Karman Patel, a resident of Bhuj who took care of the administration and Mohan Vaghji, a resident sculptor of the temple were also found dead within the premises. Rs15 lakh was missing from the temple.

Investigations revealed that one Mahendrasinh and his wife Rajkumari who were often found in the temple were missing. Cops also recovered the weapon used to kill the four.

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The cops could not trace the couple and hence announced a reward of Rs51000 for information leading to their arrest. They remained absconding for 16 years. 

How was the accused caught?

A team of the Anti Terrorist Squad (ATS) in 2020 got a tip-off that Mahendrasinh was hiding in Delhi with a new identity. The cops also used technical surveillance to nab Mahendrasinh whose original name was Govind Nandram Yadav from Delhi. Yadav belongs to Simtar village in Datiya district of Madhya Pradesh.

Govindsinh was working as a contractor in Delhi while his wife ran a tea stall. Govindsinh had married thrice and Rajkumari was his third wife. He had a son, Rohit, from his first wife who lived with his father and drover a Bolero car.

Govindsinh had planned the murder so well that when he brought the weapon, to kill the four people in Kadi, with a fake identity. After the murder, the couple moved from place to place working as a security guard at various places changing their names often.

Yadav also has two cases registered against him in Madhya Pradesh too.

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