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14 new micro containment zones in Ahmedabad

  • 14 other areas were removed from the list, total at 210

The Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) has declared 14 new micro containment zones on Tuesday. It has also removed 14 such zones from the earlier list.

With this the number of micro containment zones in the city now stands at 210

Of the 14 zones that have been removed, five are in the west zone, four in the north west zone, two in the central zone and one each in the south, north, and south west zone.

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Of the total 14 newly declared micro containment zones, four are in the north west and south zones each while three are in the south west zone. Two are in the north zone while one is in the west zone.

This is the eleventh time a micro containment zone list is being put out in the month of July and the twelfth such list in the last two months (June-July).

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Media reports said that the rise in micro containment zones was also because the AMC was not taking any chances and declaring an area as a containment zone even if it had three to four cases.

The AMC in a statement said it has also begun door-to-door surveillance in the newly declared micro containment zones and has begun taking samples of those who have displayed COVID-19 symptoms.