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13 kg tumour, 4 times the weight of a healthy newborn, removed from ovary of a 66-yr-old in Ahmedabad!


The Gujarat Cancer Society (GCS) Hospital in Ahmedabad has successfully removed a 13 kg tumour from one of the ovaries of a 66-year old woman. The woman had approached the hospital complaining of pain and difficulty in doing her daily activities.

A CT scan report showed that the patient had a big tumour in her ovary as a result of which her stomach was expanding leading to extreme pain.
But doctors got the shock of their life when they operated on the woman and found the tumour to be around 13 kg. The tumour was around 32 cm and it took 3 hours of surgery to successfully remove it.

What doctors said about the tumour

Oncologist and Endoscopic Surgeon of GCS Hospital Dr Divyesh Panchal, who led the team of doctors, said it is a surprise that the woman could go on functioning for so long carrying a 13 kg tumour within her ovary.

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“It is surprising how she could bear the pain of carrying a 13 kg tumour which is almost 4 times the weight of a healthy newborn baby. The woman had her uterus removed earlier and the tumour was fused to other organs of her body as well,” said Dr. Panchal.

Dr. Panchal told Gujarat Exclusive that the hospital sees at least 2 to 3 cases involving a major tumour every month. He said such cases are also reported from many young patients.

“In this particular case, we are waiting for the report to know if there is any cancerous malignancy or not. As of now, the patient is recovering well and can walk by herself,” he said.

GCS Hospital has so far successfully treated over 100 gynecology related cancer patients within the last three years.

A lot of the people who visit the hospital have their medical expenses covered under various government schemes like Ayushman Bharat Yojna.



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