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10% of COVID-19 rapid test in Surat +ve, labelled as suspect cases!


Surat which continues to record the highest per day COVID-19 cases in Gujarat has seen a decline in such cases but COVID-19 rapid test are showing rise in suspected cases. 

Earlier the district reported over 300 cases daily but for the last many days this has fallen below 300. 


As a result, it was believed that the cases in Surat were on the decline slightly. 

Suspect COVID-19 cases on the rise

But those in the know said suspected COVID-19 cases are on the rise. Officials in the know said the results for COVID-19 rapid tests showed that 10% to 20% of those being tested are positive. 

The SMC carries out an average 4000 to 6000 rapid tests.

It should be noted that those who test positive in the rapid test are treated as suspected COVID-19 cases and have to undergo isolation.

After the health department asked civic bodies to increase the number of rapid tests, 95,000 rapid tests have been done in Surat so far. Of this close to 18,000 have tested positive and were put under home isolation and provided treatment.

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An official of the Surat Municipal Corporation said that once Surat had over 300 positive cases per day. “As the cases began to rise the number of COVID-19 rapid tests were increased from 3000 to 6000. As a result, the number of COVID-19 cases has seen a drop in the last fortnight,” the officials said.

The official said the 18,000 people who tested positive in the COVID-19 rapid test are deemed as suspect cases and put under home isolation and treated at home itself. 

COVID-19 rapid test positive. What next?

As of now, 30,829 people are under home isolation and the SMC is keeping an eye on their condition. The official said the people are monitored through telephone calls and apps and if they develop symptoms then they are made to undergo all tests including CT Scans.

If the report confirms that the patient’s condition is deteriorating then he is moved to a hospital.

The Officer on Special Duty for COVID-19 control in Surat, M Thennarasan has also asked that rapid tests be provided in the Dhanvantri Raths. 

The Dhanvantri Raths are those that provide non-COVID-19 treatments at doorsteps to prevent people from visiting hospitals and thus avoiding infection. It also provides information about COVID-19 disease among others.

As of now, the rapid tests are available at the 100 Dhanvantri Raths in the city as well as the 17 Health Centre and Community Health Centres where COVID-19 centres have also been set up.

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