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1 yr of Modi govt: PM in letter to nation says we’ll decide our present & future


Prime Minister Narendra Modi has written an open letter to the people of India as his government completes one year of its second term. In the letter Modi listed several initiatives, achievements and decisions of his government. He also expressed confidence that the country would win the battle against COVID-19.

Modi explained that he chose to write the letter as the country was battling a pandemic. He said that in the past one year Indians have shown to the world, democracy’s collective strength, which has become an example for the entire world.

He listed Article 370, outcome of conflict over Ram temple construction, ‘triple talaq’ or and the CAA as some of the achievements of his government.He said the government’s priority has been to empower the poor, farmers, women and the youth of the country.

He said the pandemic struck just when the government was quickly moving towards realizing the country’s aspirations.

He said many people had expressed their apprehensions that when corona struck India, the country would become a trouble for the world. “You have proved that your collective capability and capacity are unprecedented in comparison with other more resourceful and prosperous countries,” he wrote.

He admitted that the country had been inconvenienced due to the pandemic. “Our workers, migrant brother and sister labourers, those working in small industries, cart pushers and vendors, our shopkeeper brothers and sisters and those having small businesses have suffered immensely. We all are working together in an attempt to sort out their problems.” he wrote.

He, however, warned that these inconveniences should not transform into a crisis of life.

He said each Indian has to move forward with the same patience and courage that they have shown so far. This is the reason why the situation in India has so far been manageable in comparison with other countries, he wrote.

This battle will stretch on, but we are on the way to victory and, to be victorious is our common resolve.

“Today, the time demands that we must stand on our feet, and we will have to move on our own strength. And for this, there is only one path: a self-reliant India (atmanirbhar Bharat),” he wrote.

The global pandemic has brought about a crisis situation, but at the same time, for us Indians, this is also the time for determination. We have to remember that no calamity, no crisis can determine the present or future of 130 crore Indians. We will decide our present and the future too, he said in the letter.

He signed off the letter as Your Pradhan Sevak.